A Return from the Brink

A Return from the Brink

So, this is the first new blog post in quite a while.  This project had been on the backburner for a lot of people for the past year, although significant progress has been made.  The current team of people is roughly the following:

  • PhiNotPi (myself) – Delegator in Chief.  Created the Cogol language/compiler.
  • K Zhang – The hardware guy who has assembled the complete computer in VarLife.
  • El’endia Starman – Developed the online VarLife simulator and QFTASM interpreter.
  • Muddyfish – Is developing a new-and-improved language and compiler.
  • Cows quack – Is helping develop the new language and compiler.
  • Quartata – Is working on an LLVM backend.
  • Mego – Did some work on a circuit simulator, but is now working on a VarLife to Life converter.

The next few blog posts will be dedicated to individual subjects to summarize the current status of the project, which is actually very close to completion.

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